A Much Easier Pregnancy and Delivery

I admit that I am not the smartest person in town, but I still thought that I knew pretty much the general stuff that most people do. Well, I just found out not that long ago that Sacramento chiropractors do more than just help people who have hurt their backs or necks. I truly thought that they were for that purpose only, so I was surprised when my doctor wanted me to see a chiropractor for my pregnancy. I already had an ob/gyn as well as my family doctor, so I was not sure why I was being advised to add a third doctor to my pregnancy team.

Something that made me think even more was that I had never complained about my back hurting. So, me being me, I asked why I needed a chiropractor on my team. That is when I found out that while chiropractic care does revolve around the spine, that it treats so much more than just back issues. If you are in a car accident, then a chiropractor is definitely the person you want to see for your whiplash. If you fall off a ladder and hurt your back, the same is true for your sore back.

However, if you are pregnant, a chiropractor can help make the delivery much easier and often times faster. A woman’s body changes so much when she is pregnant, not only physically but with her hormones too. A chiropractor can ensure that everything is going according to plan, and he or she can also make sure that any developing back pain can be handled as it happens rather than after the fact. I am so glad that my doctor recommended that I have this, because I do believe I had a much easier pregnancy and delivery since I had chiropractic care almost from the beginning of my pregnancy.