Jake Got Me a Summer Job

At first I was not too excited about this job, we are working for a Suffolk county tree service and I thought it would be a lot more of a chore than it really is. Of course we spent a good deal of time stuck in traffic on my first day working for the place. However the stuff that we did was basically not that hard, beyond that it involved carrying a lot of wood. We feed the little stuff into a wood chipper and turn it into mulch. The big thing is that we clean up the mess that the guy with the chainsaw makes and obviously you do not want to get hit in the head with a big chunk of wood falling from forty or fifty feet in the air. That is the big thing, but you also try to make sure that this sort of thing does not wreck the yard. If you think about it you can guess what happens when a piece of firewood falls from such a height.

The thing you try to do is to build a pile of limbs where you want to have the wood fall. That way it does not make a great big dent in the customer’s yard. You want not to have to fix that sort of thing if you can avoid it. Obviously the client is going to want you to clean up your mess and leave the place better than you found it. That is what I am suppose to do. The guy with the chainsaw is going to tear things up and leave a good mess. I get a rake and clean up all of the stuff that can not be picked up so easily. We did get a lot of hours so far this week.

This Company Feels Like I Do About Animals

I am a major animal lover. I know they are not important to a lot of humans on this earth, but just because I am a human does not mean that other creatures are worth less to the planet. Hurting animals and causing their species to die out affects other people, plants and animals. So, I work hard when it comes to animal rescue and other things having to do with animals. It is important to me. So, when I had to call for Canada geese control in NJ last week, I asked them to go through exactly how they remove the geese before hiring them to do the job.

I am a firm believer that if any animal is in a populated area and causing trouble for humans, that they should never be killed. I have seen far too many articles stating that different government officials demand that animals be killed if they are causing damage or if they are breeding too quickly. The important thing to understand is that they were here first, and are the ones that pushed them out of their environment so that we could build millions of buildings. We are the ones who did damage to their world.

The company spokesman who I talked to assured me that they treat the animals humanely. He said that the owner of the company feels the same way that I do about animals. This was very reassuring, and it seemed to match up with everything I learned about the owner and his company online. I felt safe in hiring them to do the job.

The geese had been roosting in my plants and killing them. They had also been leaving droppings outside to the point where you could see them scattered all throughout my yard. This is unsanitary, so I knew I had to do something. There is a pond nearby, and the company simply relocated them there.

Reaching My Customers with a New Method

Getting in front of your competition is key when it comes to succeeding in business. It doesn’t matter what industry you are in. If you don’t currently have competitors, you will eventually have other business competing with you, so this information is still relevant. One way that I ensure that my customers think of my company before all others is by making sure that my name is always on their mind. I do this by advertising, specifically by using Singapore flyer distribution. It’s an inexpensive way for me to keep current and potential customers informed about any specials that I may be having, and keep my business name in their mind.

I first learned about this opportunity from one of my former professors, who happened to be a business owner as well. I consider him to be my mentor, because he has taught me everything I know, and is one of the key reasons that I wanted to get into this line of business. He told me that he used this service for his business, and he recommended that I give it a try. Continue reading Reaching My Customers with a New Method

A Company Secretary is Helping Me Move Forward

When I decided to branch off on my own, I knew that it was going to require a lot of work and patience. Thankfully, I had enough years of experience to know where to turn for certain types of help. One of the first things that I wanted to do was make sure that I had better than adequate corporate secretarial services since I was planning on being in the international market. I knew that I would need these services even without that, but going from just regional to international meant that a corporate secretary would be a huge benefit moving forward.

There are plenty of things that a corporate secretary does, like making sure that all documentation is in order, including filings and fees associated with businesses. Depending on the jurisdiction that a company is in, these requirements can change a good bit. I knew that I needed to bring someone on board who was well versed in all of the rules and regulations of making sure a business is in full compliance. I went online to look at different businesses offering this type of service, and I found one rather quickly.

I am not the type to judge anything on appearances alone. I have been in business long enough to know that looks can be deceiving. I wanted something that was backed up by solid reviews and testimonies, and that is how I found the company that provided me with the secretarial services that I now use. I have been using this company for nearly six months now, and I know that I have nothing to worry about moving forward. In fact, even less worry is on the plate because the company secretary has went above and beyond the job description, helping me out tremendously as I navigate these new waters.

Being Prepared for the Worst

The rise of home break ins in the area was enough to scare my wife into getting a home security system. I wasn’t really worried, but my wife was scared that someone would break in while we were at work or sleeping. Even though we had some weapons in our home for protection, she didn’t think this was enough. She looked at some of the security companies that offered alarm systems and chose one that could provide all of the bells and whistles. She wanted cameras that would watch the home and alerts sent to her phone if anything happened.

The security company installed all of the equipment into our home and it was fully operational once they were done. They even placed a sign in the front of our home to alert others that the system was there. My wife loved the fact that she could arm the system while she was out of the house. When she’s at the grocery store, she likes to check the cameras to make sure that no one has broken in the home. Continue reading Being Prepared for the Worst

Forget the Clinical Look of the Old Style Bathrooms

I’ve finally located the shower doors in Essex County NJ that I’ve been looking for. The shower installed in my home right now was once nice, I promise, but the years haven’t been kind to the glass shower doors. Last week they finally gave in to the wear and tear of time and literally shattered. Thankfully nobody was in the shower at the time or I imagine they would have left the shower after being cut to ribbons by the glass. What a terrible mess to have to clean up but it gave me an opportunity to install a whole new shower that I’ve been eyeing for the past few months.

Maybe the shower could sense my displeasure with it, hah! It was nearly 40 years old anyways and was in need of some serious TLC that I was just unwilling to give it. So I’ve ripped the entire thing out of the bathroom and have started working on something new. Continue reading Forget the Clinical Look of the Old Style Bathrooms

No Time to Clean for the Party

My husband told me that his boss and associates were looking for a cheap place to have their office summer party and instead of paying a facility a lot of money to rent the place. He asked me if I thought we should have the fifty people in our back yard and I told him that would be a really good idea, because it would allow us to call home cleaning services in Singapore to find someone to pay to come to our house and do a really good deep clean. Continue reading No Time to Clean for the Party

Everybody Needs a Little Help in School

I’m glad I was able to find out about https://physicstuitionsg.com from some of the other parents that go to my son’s school. My son was taking physics and he was having a lot of trouble in the class. The other students were having problems as well. They asked the teacher for help, but even then the students still couldn’t understand anything. While I was talking to the other parents after staying late at school one day, they told me about the tuition service and I contacted them for my son.

My son didn’t like having bad grades, but he was glad that he wasn’t the only one who was having trouble in the class. Initially, he thought it was just him and he felt so dumb because of this. Once he learned that no one could really comprehend anything in physics, he realized that he was just as smart as everyone else. Continue reading Everybody Needs a Little Help in School

My Parking Lot Was Redone

Every couple of years, I undertake a major renovation for my restaurant. The only way that I will be able to stay as successful as I am right now is if I am able to keep my customers happy, which means keeping my restaurant appealing to them. Earlier this year, I decided to contract a company that does asphalt paving in Nassau County NY so they could put in a new parking lot for me. I actually have parking on all four sides of my restaurant, which was very nice. That meant I would not have to shut down the restaurant for a few days to have this done.

Instead, the asphalt company that I hired did half of the parking lot, and then when patrons were able to park on that side, they started on the second half of the lot. Continue reading My Parking Lot Was Redone

The House is Nearly Done

I have been working on this place for some time, first we did the bathroom over and then we did the kitchen the way that Michelle wanted it. The place is really nice inside now. The outside is going to be the next project, but first we wanted to get it ready to move in. The ADT sensors are being installed right now. I went out and did some of the painting and vinyl siding installation so that they could install the outside cameras. There is one at the front door and another that is over the garage door aimed down the driveway. They are going to put another in the living room aimed at the front door and there will be motion sensors out in the yard. I asked them if the things could tell the difference between a person and a deer. Continue reading The House is Nearly Done

My Wife and I Are Free to Believe the Way We Want to

My wife and I are on opposite sides of the political spectrum. I am on the right and she is on the left. She likes to go to a number of different sites to get her news, and I like to go to one specific site to get Trump news so that I’m up to date each day. We do a lot of things differently, but we get along really well despite being so different. We marvel at times at how we see other people who are on opposing sides not getting along with one another. Neither one of us feels it’s that hard to do. We both feel that it is about having respect for one another and acceptance.

When I met my wife, neither one of us was into politics all that much. The political climate has changed in recent years because we all have easier access to information via the media these days. In the past, most people focused on local news on the TV and the morning newspaper that landed on their front porch each morning. This only allowed certain news stories to become popular. Continue reading My Wife and I Are Free to Believe the Way We Want to

A New Condo Unit for Us

When I saw a brochure for New Futura, I immediately showed it to my husband when he came home from work. We had been talking about relocating to get closer to his job, so I had been looking for anything in District 9 to make that happen. When I saw New Futura, everything about it looked and felt right. When my husband looked at the same brochure later that night, he told me that he felt the same way about it. The architecture for the two towers is nothing short of gorgeous, especially at night when it is lit up. Continue reading A New Condo Unit for Us

A Much Easier Pregnancy and Delivery

I admit that I am not the smartest person in town, but I still thought that I knew pretty much the general stuff that most people do. Well, I just found out not that long ago that Sacramento chiropractors do more than just help people who have hurt their backs or necks. I truly thought that they were for that purpose only, so I was surprised when my doctor wanted me to see a chiropractor for my pregnancy. I already had an ob/gyn as well as my family doctor, so I was not sure why I was being advised to add a third doctor to my pregnancy team.

Something that made me think even more was that I had never complained about my back hurting. So, me being me, I asked why I needed a chiropractor on my team. Continue reading A Much Easier Pregnancy and Delivery

My Parking Lot Was Redone

Every couple of years, I undertake a major renovation for my restaurant. The only way that I will be able to stay as successful as I am right now is if I am able to keep my customers happy, which means keeping my restaurant appealing to them. Earlier this year, I decided to contract a company that does asphalt paving in Nassau County NY so they could put in a new parking lot for me. I actually have parking on all four sides of my restaurant, which was very nice. That meant I would not have to shut down the restaurant for a few days to have this done.

Instead, the asphalt company that I hired did half of the parking lot, and then when patrons were able to park on that side, they started on the second half of the lot. Continue reading My Parking Lot Was Redone

Singapore’s Building Projects Are Very Interesting to See

In Singapore the number of homes that are lived in by the owners of the homes is 90 percent. That’s not bad considering a look-see of some of the properties shows a lot of skyscrapers as being residences. Can you imagine owning a nice condo in a skyscraper on an island that is one of the most technologically-ready countries in the world? You can see a new list of the available properties at http://www.thenewlaunchcollections.com. These projects are amazing in their scope and complexity. I am used to seeing mostly single-family homes of a couple of stories in height around where I live, and the buildings in the city that are skyscrapers are mostly offices.

I have not been to visit many of the major cities in my own country, but I have never seen 30 or more floors dedicated to upscale residential living offering condos to own. Continue reading Singapore’s Building Projects Are Very Interesting to See

The Challenge Has Been Issued

Sometimes the silliest apps have the biggest followings. I came up with my only silly app and used https://www.massiveinfinity.com to have it made, and it’s getting a pretty good following. I like to dance, and I have no problem showing it. I’ll break out into dance whenever I hear some music that will get my body moving. Sometimes it’s just silly dance that I do when I’m happy, and other times it’s more serious dance when I want to show off how good my moves are to other people. I always thought it would be great if people around the world could see me dancing, and that’s when my idea came.

The app I made with the help of a development company lets me use my phone to record myself dancing. Once I’ve recorded a dance clip, I can upload it to a network that everyone else can see. They can comment on the clip, rate it, and even favorite it, but the best part is that they can compete with it. When people upload clips, they can issue challenges to other people. Continue reading The Challenge Has Been Issued

It Was Important to Me to Make Sure I Could Handle All My Bills

I do not make all that much money, but I did everything I could to try to save money over the past year so that I can move to another city. I wanted this badly, so it was important to me to cut back wherever I could. I also made sure to check out what type of costs I would be looking in the city that I moved to. I checked out Illinois electricity rates and cost of apartments and so many other things. I wanted to make sure that I could handle whatever I needed to without any trouble. It seems that the cost of living in Illinois is so much cheaper than what I have been dealing for so long. So, I was really looking forward to the change of scenery and a new life in my new state.

I don’t really have any family to back me up in life. My mom left my father and me when I was just a little kid. We have never been able to find her, and to be honest, I stopped looking. If she had an interest in seeing me, then she would come around. But she seems to have no interest. Continue reading It Was Important to Me to Make Sure I Could Handle All My Bills

I Just Got to Singapore the Other Day

I got here the other day and I have not had much time to think about anything aside from work. I was staying in a hotel, but I decided that I should buy a place because I am likely to be her for a year and a half at the least. It seems as though they do not really sell you a condo here however, I went to see some seaside residences in Siglap district and I got to talk to this really nice girl about it. She spoke perfect English, although in the local way. It is different from the way that Americans speak it, just like in the U.S you have a lot of regional dialects. At any rate she says that the tenure is 99 years, which I did not understand until she explained it. Obviously I am probably not going to need the place for that long. Continue reading I Just Got to Singapore the Other Day

I Had to Fight to Get Help with Medical Bills

I’m not a dangerous motorcycle driver. I’ve made sure to take classes to learn how to handle my bike. I obey all the traffic laws when I’m on that thing. I actually don’t drive it in the city. My wife and I go out to the country to drive on roads with few drivers so that we can try to stay safe. During my last ride, I was hit by a lady who reeked of alcohol, and then she fled the scene. A Sacramento personal injury lawyer helped to take on my case.

The woman who hit me just barely missed my wife. I am lucky that the lady didn’t kill me. I was thrown off my bike and landed in a very grassy ditch. The roads were dry, but luck made it so that the patch of land I laid on were soft due to rains for two days straight prior to that. I broke both legs, both arms and was pretty torn up all over. Continue reading I Had to Fight to Get Help with Medical Bills

I Wanted Something Better for My Young Daughter

When I got into a car accident, I immediately thought of my child in the backseat. She is only 5 years old. I was petrified to think that maybe she had been hurt badly. I didn’t realize that I was hurt the most. And then, after I woke up in the hospital, I learned that she had been hurt, too. Not wanting her to be stuck on prescription pain meds for years, I took her to a Chandler auto accident chiropractor to get some pain relief. It was so nice to see that it worked for her and me as well.

I don’t remember all that much about the accident. I just saw someone coming at me with their truck and I panicked. I felt fear at first, and then I remember wanting to turn to look at my child to make sure that she was okay. Continue reading I Wanted Something Better for My Young Daughter