Being Prepared for the Worst

The rise of home break ins in the area was enough to scare my wife into getting a home security system. I wasn’t really worried, but my wife was scared that someone would break in while we were at work or sleeping. Even though we had some weapons in our home for protection, she didn’t think this was enough. She looked at some of the security companies that offered alarm systems and chose one that could provide all of the bells and whistles. She wanted cameras that would watch the home and alerts sent to her phone if anything happened.

The security company installed all of the equipment into our home and it was fully operational once they were done. They even placed a sign in the front of our home to alert others that the system was there. My wife loved the fact that she could arm the system while she was out of the house. When she’s at the grocery store, she likes to check the cameras to make sure that no one has broken in the home. Even though the system will automatically tell her if something is wrong and contact the authorities, she still checks anyway. I can understand being cautious, but sometimes I wonder if she’s a little paranoid.

The home break ins seem to have decreased. Maybe the reports about them caused home owners to get systems for their homes and the criminals didn’t want to risk getting caught by the police. I guess it’s a good thing that the security system works not only as an alarm but also as a deterrent. For all the homes that have already been broken into, I think the owners have all learned an important lesson about taking precaution. I hope they can someday get back the items that were taken from their homes.