Consumer Options for Selling Gold and Silver Getting More Creative

Monthly Price Chart of 1 Pavan Gold in Kerala - 2010 - Kerala Gold ...The market for precious metals continues to rise despite an overall drop in the economy. With gold hovering at around $1,600.00 an ounce and silver just under $28.00 an ounce selling your unwanted precious metals can be more lucrative then any other time in recent history. The current price of gold has risen nearly 300% over the last ten years. The increase in demand for precious metals has created a plethora of new businesses designed to help consumers sell their scrap gold and silver or buy silver from others. Late night TV commercials for companies like “Cash for Gold” owned by United Jewelry Buyers gives the consumer the option to mail their jewelry off to the company in an envelope and receive a cash offer for their metals. They promise a 24 hour turn around from the time they receive the products. If you want to sell your gold but you do not feel comfortable sending it off in the mail you will also find gold buying services located in nearly every neighborhood in the country. Popping up in strip malls all over, these vendors weigh and test your metals and give you a cash payment on the spot for your unwanted trinkets. If you find it is still too much work to go out of your house to sell your gold, you still have more options. Another trend in gold and silver sales is the home party. Services such as will actually help you organize a party in your house where a representative will come to your party, assess your gold and other precious metals and cut you a check on the spot for your items. These are just a few ways that you can turn your used gold and silver into cold, hard cash. The only choice you have to make now is whether to hold on for the market to increase or sell while the market is high!