Got a Job for the Summer

I have a job pretty much as an errand boy for a guy who owns and manages apartments here in Winston Salem and High Point. Of course he hired my truck about as much as he hired me. I have an old truck and my Dad has an old landscaper type trailer. I started out doing odd jobs for him on the side. In fact that was probably a better deal for me up to a point. It was just one or two things a week, but he would pay me cash and fill my tank with gas usually as well. He gave me a gas card that I use, but he is keeping track of what I do for him and he is not paying for the gas I use on my own time. I worry a lot about the wear and tear on the truck, but it is about time for me to get a new car that costs a lot less to drive than it does.

I mostly do landscaping types of jobs. Obviously it is too much work for me to do alone, but I am just mainly delivering stuff and doing little things. Today I went with him to the nursery. He picked out a bunch of plants and paid for them. I loaded them up and took them to the Water Ford Creek apartments. There I met his wife who had decided where they were to be planted and I did that along with this Costa Rican guy. He had apparently been drinking heavily the night before and had the smell of liquor all over him. Still he did his share of the job and I did not get up too close to him while he was working, it was not that pleasant truly.