Great Way to Save Life’s Memories

The scanspeeder photo scanning software was the perfect software for the job of scanning twelve year old wedding photos online. Last summer my sister and her husband were getting ready to celebrate their 12th wedding anniversary and I wanted to surprise them with a special gift. I know I could have bought them something, but I wanted the gift to be personal and from the heart. My sister is a nurse and my brother in law a contractor, so they were really not into computers that much. But I knew if I made them a wedding website they would love it. My sister is always saying that one day she is going to get organized and put her photos together from the wedding, but her busy life just keeps getting in the way.

Since I had two weeks in the summer off from work I knew I could easily get her photos online and then also put them in a photo album for them. When they got married they didn’t have a professional photographer, so the photos are not digital. They friend from college just took the photos on his old 35 mm camera. Surprisingly enough the photos really were good though. As I started to look online to find the best software I found your website. Thanks to your website I was able to get the best software to help me, not just scan but do a little editing on the photos that had faded a little. When I put the photos in the album I knew my sister and her husband would love it. But I must admit I was a little surprised how much they loved having the photos online and on the computer. Apparently my sister is starting to become a little more computer savvy them she use to be.