I Had to Fight to Get Help with Medical Bills

I’m not a dangerous motorcycle driver. I’ve made sure to take classes to learn how to handle my bike. I obey all the traffic laws when I’m on that thing. I actually don’t drive it in the city. My wife and I go out to the country to drive on roads with few drivers so that we can try to stay safe. During my last ride, I was hit by a lady who reeked of alcohol, and then she fled the scene. A Sacramento personal injury lawyer helped to take on my case.

The woman who hit me just barely missed my wife. I am lucky that the lady didn’t kill me. I was thrown off my bike and landed in a very grassy ditch. The roads were dry, but luck made it so that the patch of land I laid on were soft due to rains for two days straight prior to that. I broke both legs, both arms and was pretty torn up all over. The lady got out of her car, hovered over me, and then I could smell the alcohol. She talked to my wife a moment, and she smelled it as well. Then the lady got in her car and sped off. It took police awhile to find her that day because my wife only had a partial license plate. By then, she had sobered up.

We were also lucky that a nearby horse and tack store had a security camera on the outside of their building and they caught the accident on video. We did not know that until much later, though. So arresting the woman came pretty late. I needed help with my hospital bills, so we sued her. Despite her pleas that she was innocent, she lost the case thanks to me hiring really good legal help.