I Had to Increase My Backup Storage

When I was in negotiations for a large contract, one of the stipulations was that I had to show them my server backup solutions. I had no problem doing this because I am certain that I am using the best possible solution for my business needs. I also understood why they wanted to know this information, because there are so many cases making the news where data has been compromised. I was happy to show them that we take our data security very seriously, and they did not have anything to worry about.

I use the backup services of a very popular company, and they have a great reputation in putting their clients first. I knew that our data was safe with them, and I wanted to assure this potential client that their data would be safe as well. What I really like about the company that I use is that everything is transparent with them, with the exception of the data that they backup. As for their own business practices though, they are very open because they know they offer what few others do. I was able to go to their site and ensure that this added data that would need to be backed up would not be an issue.

I knew that I would need to upgrade my package with them, because i would definitely need more storage. I was already getting 200 GB but I was expecting that to be upped by at least 10 times that amount. I saw that not only would this not be a problem, but I was also able to see the price that I would be charged. When I explained this company to the client I was meeting, they were happy because they use the same backup company for their own data storage!