It Was Important to Me to Make Sure I Could Handle All My Bills

I do not make all that much money, but I did everything I could to try to save money over the past year so that I can move to another city. I wanted this badly, so it was important to me to cut back wherever I could. I also made sure to check out what type of costs I would be looking in the city that I moved to. I checked out Illinois electricity rates and cost of apartments and so many other things. I wanted to make sure that I could handle whatever I needed to without any trouble. It seems that the cost of living in Illinois is so much cheaper than what I have been dealing for so long. So, I was really looking forward to the change of scenery and a new life in my new state.

I don’t really have any family to back me up in life. My mom left my father and me when I was just a little kid. We have never been able to find her, and to be honest, I stopped looking. If she had an interest in seeing me, then she would come around. But she seems to have no interest. I have no other siblings, and my father is in his eighties now. So, he really doesn’t have the means to help me financially. Instead, I do what I can to help him. And this move was very important to me because I needed a better job that would pay me more each month. My plan was to move, and then I would come back and get my dad because I wanted him to live with me.

I scrimped every little penny that I could, and I made the move two months ago. My new job has been great. I am settled into a new place. I filled it with some nice furniture. I have two bedrooms so that there is room for dad. He will be here soon to move in.