My Wife and I Are Free to Believe the Way We Want to

My wife and I are on opposite sides of the political spectrum. I am on the right and she is on the left. She likes to go to a number of different sites to get her news, and I like to go to one specific site to get Trump news so that I’m up to date each day. We do a lot of things differently, but we get along really well despite being so different. We marvel at times at how we see other people who are on opposing sides not getting along with one another. Neither one of us feels it’s that hard to do. We both feel that it is about having respect for one another and acceptance.

When I met my wife, neither one of us was into politics all that much. The political climate has changed in recent years because we all have easier access to information via the media these days. In the past, most people focused on local news on the TV and the morning newspaper that landed on their front porch each morning. This only allowed certain news stories to become popular. Back time, each media outlet didn’t have a lot of time to give as much news as we all have access to today.

My wife and I do not spend a lot of time discussing politics with one another. We both give each other plenty of space to stick with the beliefs that we want to hold without the need to debate them with one another. If our kids ask us any sort of political questions, we each give our answers and then let our children choose what fits their own needs and wants. We never pressure them to believe one specific thing. I’d like to see people everywhere adopting this way of acceptance and respect with one another.