Got a Job for the Summer

I have a job pretty much as an errand boy for a guy who owns and manages apartments here in Winston Salem and High Point. Of course he hired my truck about as much as he hired me. I have an old truck and my Dad has an old landscaper type trailer. I started out doing odd jobs for him on the side. In fact that was probably a better deal for me up to a point. It was just one or two things a week, but he would pay me cash and fill my tank with gas usually as well. He gave me a gas card that I use, but he is keeping track of what I do for him and he is not paying for the gas I use on my own time. I worry a lot about the wear and tear on the truck, but it is about time for me to get a new car that costs a lot less to drive than it does.

I mostly do landscaping types of jobs. Continue reading Got a Job for the Summer

I Had to Increase My Backup Storage

When I was in negotiations for a large contract, one of the stipulations was that I had to show them my server backup solutions. I had no problem doing this because I am certain that I am using the best possible solution for my business needs. I also understood why they wanted to know this information, because there are so many cases making the news where data has been compromised. I was happy to show them that we take our data security very seriously, and they did not have anything to worry about.

I use the backup services of a very popular company, and they have a great reputation in putting their clients first. I knew that our data was safe with them, and I wanted to assure this potential client that their data would be safe as well. What I really like about the company that I use is that everything is transparent with them, with the exception of the data that they backup. Continue reading I Had to Increase My Backup Storage

Trying to Upgrade the Security System

I have been talking to the local ADT dealer this morning and trying to figure out if I can afford to upgrade my security system to one of the newer types. I got the current one about 8 or 9 years ago, not long after I bought this house. Back then I had no close neighbors, this used to be out in the country. Of course the farmers are all gone now, because they could sell their land for housing developments and then move out into rural areas and buy more land for a fraction of what they sold the land here for. Back then I was worried because no one could see my house from the main road. Continue reading Trying to Upgrade the Security System

Consumer Options for Selling Gold and Silver Getting More Creative

Monthly Price Chart of 1 Pavan Gold in Kerala - 2010 - Kerala Gold ...The market for precious metals continues to rise despite an overall drop in the economy. With gold hovering at around $1,600.00 an ounce and silver just under $28.00 an ounce selling your unwanted precious metals can be more lucrative then any other time in recent history. The current price of gold has risen nearly 300% over the last ten years. The increase in demand for precious metals has created a plethora of new businesses designed to help consumers sell their scrap gold and silver or buy silver from others. Late night TV commercials for companies like “Cash for Gold” owned by United Jewelry Buyers gives the consumer the option to mail their jewelry off to the company in an envelope and receive a cash offer for their metals. Continue reading Consumer Options for Selling Gold and Silver Getting More Creative

Investing in Precious Metals Like Gold

gold Top 10 Gold Producing CountriesI have been noticing that the price of gold and silver has not declined recently even though the economy has not been doing all that well. Instead, the price of gold and silver are actually increasing on a fairly steady basis. It is pretty interesting how these metals hold their value despite what economic woes the world might be going through at any point in time. I would imagine that the price of gold has gone up in the past as well during economic strife, but I haven’t actually done the research to back up that notion. I do know that gold and silver have been used as currency across the world for many thousands of years. Continue reading Investing in Precious Metals Like Gold