Singapore’s Building Projects Are Very Interesting to See

In Singapore the number of homes that are lived in by the owners of the homes is 90 percent. That’s not bad considering a look-see of some of the properties shows a lot of skyscrapers as being residences. Can you imagine owning a nice condo in a skyscraper on an island that is one of the most technologically-ready countries in the world? You can see a new list of the available properties at These projects are amazing in their scope and complexity. I am used to seeing mostly single-family homes of a couple of stories in height around where I live, and the buildings in the city that are skyscrapers are mostly offices.

I have not been to visit many of the major cities in my own country, but I have never seen 30 or more floors dedicated to upscale residential living offering condos to own. Singapore also has Executive Condos that are affordable to people at a lower income level than those who can afford the top of the line properties. I was looking at some pictures and descriptions of Singapore Executive Condo projects, and they offered some very nice places to live with a bunch of desirable amenities. Around where I live, you are not going to have a nice swimming pool at your average apartment let alone one that is of gigantic proportions.

It would be cool to see a couple buildings made here like they are making in Singapore. The reason I say that is because of what they actually build into the buildings themselves. Here we have a skyscraper of metal and glass. They have the same thing there, but the buildings are usually surrounded by incredible water features and gigantic swimming pools. Not the plain rectangles like we have here, but ones that are long and meandering and may have islands planted with trees and grass in their midst. Plus, you may have a park with trees and grass on the roof or halfway up the building. I would like to build something like that here if I was wealthy.