The Challenge Has Been Issued

Sometimes the silliest apps have the biggest followings. I came up with my only silly app and used to have it made, and it’s getting a pretty good following. I like to dance, and I have no problem showing it. I’ll break out into dance whenever I hear some music that will get my body moving. Sometimes it’s just silly dance that I do when I’m happy, and other times it’s more serious dance when I want to show off how good my moves are to other people. I always thought it would be great if people around the world could see me dancing, and that’s when my idea came.

The app I made with the help of a development company lets me use my phone to record myself dancing. Once I’ve recorded a dance clip, I can upload it to a network that everyone else can see. They can comment on the clip, rate it, and even favorite it, but the best part is that they can compete with it. When people upload clips, they can issue challenges to other people. The challenges act as a way to get people to perform better dance moves than the next person. Any user that accepts a challenge will have their video directly compared to the original video and users will be able to choose which one is the best.

Since I was the first one to have access to the app, I was able to upload the first dance challenge video. Lots of other people were eager to show me their dance moves and I was quite impressed with what they were able to do. The younger users were able to do lots of fast moves, flips, and even spins on their heads. I haven’t been able to do things like that without falling over since I was a teenager.