The House is Nearly Done

I have been working on this place for some time, first we did the bathroom over and then we did the kitchen the way that Michelle wanted it. The place is really nice inside now. The outside is going to be the next project, but first we wanted to get it ready to move in. The ADT sensors are being installed right now. I went out and did some of the painting and vinyl siding installation so that they could install the outside cameras. There is one at the front door and another that is over the garage door aimed down the driveway. They are going to put another in the living room aimed at the front door and there will be motion sensors out in the yard. I asked them if the things could tell the difference between a person and a deer. I have not seen the deer going through the back yard, but it is really easy to see where they have come through. There are deer tracks everywhere there and it is obvious that there is a trail they use.

At any rate I figure that this place is going to keep me busy for a good while, but we are planning on staying for the foreseeable future. The place is about as perfect as it can be for Shelly. She can walk through a little bit of woods and she is on the playground of the school. They have a gate for the kids that live in the neighborhood and then she can walk to her classroom in about three minutes. It is literally closer than the school parking lot is, although I suspect that if it were raining very hard she might get in her card and drive half way around the block to stay out of the mud.