This Company Feels Like I Do About Animals

I am a major animal lover. I know they are not important to a lot of humans on this earth, but just because I am a human does not mean that other creatures are worth less to the planet. Hurting animals and causing their species to die out affects other people, plants and animals. So, I work hard when it comes to animal rescue and other things having to do with animals. It is important to me. So, when I had to call for Canada geese control in NJ last week, I asked them to go through exactly how they remove the geese before hiring them to do the job.

I am a firm believer that if any animal is in a populated area and causing trouble for humans, that they should never be killed. I have seen far too many articles stating that different government officials demand that animals be killed if they are causing damage or if they are breeding too quickly. The important thing to understand is that they were here first, and are the ones that pushed them out of their environment so that we could build millions of buildings. We are the ones who did damage to their world.

The company spokesman who I talked to assured me that they treat the animals humanely. He said that the owner of the company feels the same way that I do about animals. This was very reassuring, and it seemed to match up with everything I learned about the owner and his company online. I felt safe in hiring them to do the job.

The geese had been roosting in my plants and killing them. They had also been leaving droppings outside to the point where you could see them scattered all throughout my yard. This is unsanitary, so I knew I had to do something. There is a pond nearby, and the company simply relocated them there.