Trying to Upgrade the Security System

I have been talking to the local ADT dealer this morning and trying to figure out if I can afford to upgrade my security system to one of the newer types. I got the current one about 8 or 9 years ago, not long after I bought this house. Back then I had no close neighbors, this used to be out in the country. Of course the farmers are all gone now, because they could sell their land for housing developments and then move out into rural areas and buy more land for a fraction of what they sold the land here for. Back then I was worried because no one could see my house from the main road. I lived at the bottom of a hill about four tenths of a mile from the nearest home and a thief could have probably taken their time. In fact people used to dump their trash on the right of way beside my house. Of course teenagers would park down at the end of the road and do the things that bored teens do. What I have is just a basic old style security system. There are not any video cameras, just motion sensors on the entry points. These are really just pairs of diodes (or whatever) on the moving and non-moving parts of the doors and windows. When they are together they form a circuit, but if you open the window or the door they are moved apart and the circuit breaks. You get an alarm then, but you can have a lot of false alarms as well. Of course now you can get vastly more capable systems. In fact they sell systems which do a lot more than just home security. The real thing you want is a system which saves you money on your energy bill.