We Didn’t Have to Miss a Single Steelers Game

When my husband told me that we were going to move to California, I was pretty excited. I knew that we would miss everyone back home, but it was such an incredible opportunity for us too. He had gotten the promotion that he wanted, which meant that we had to move 2,000 miles away. One of the first things that I did before we even made any plans was to look up the information for DirecTV Sunday Ticket. I knew that if there was one thing my husband would miss almost as much as our family and friends, it would be watching his beloved Pittsburgh Steelers play every week.

It was bad enough that he would no longer get to go to the city to watch the game with friends or his brothers, but he wouldn’t even be able to watch the majority of the games from the comfort of our living room because of licensing issues with cable companies broadcasting different NFL games. The only company that has the exclusive rights to broadcast all games is Direct TV, and that is why I wanted to get the details on it before we moved.

I was able to find a site that has all of the details not only on the Sunday Ticket but on other perks and bonuses that Direct TV offers new customers, and I was pretty psyched to see that the Sunday Ticket is free for the first year. When I told my husband, you would have thought that Ben Roethlisberger, the Steelers quarterback, had just won a playoff game on a Hail Mary pass! The move was simple enough, and we had Direct TV installed before the first game aired. It’s pretty exciting watching the games now, especially since we have so many new friends who love the Steelers too come over on game day to watch with us.